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Movie stars made smoking seem sophisticated and glamorous in the 1930s. Attitudes have changed since then, with smokers being reviled, harassed and prohibited from engaging in a social activity they enjoy. Lindsay Warren, CMO of Buy A Electronic Cigarette, has announced that the firm is offering smokers a free trial offer of the company’s E Cigarettes, the non-tobacco method of smoking.

The Buy A Electronic Cigarette trial kit contains no tobacco, tar or carbon monoxide, but satisfies smokers’ nicotine craving. Supplies of the exclusive E Cigarette starter kit are limited and can be found at  The kit includes everything needed to begin vaping. Included in the kit is an atomizer, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a USB charger and two full-flavored nicotine cartridges, along with a hard plastic carrying case and a lifetime warranty.

There are many benefits of vaping and the following are the top five reasons users have cited for eliminating traditional cigarettes and the benefits of utilizing the modern way to smoke with Buy A Electronic Cigarette.

No tobacco

Since they contain no tobacco, users inhale no smoke and there’s no second hand smoke to annoy others. E Cigarettes deliver a puff of water vapor and nicotine to users, allowing them to satisfy their cravings. E Cigarettes are designed with the look and feel of a traditional cigarette.

Financial savings

The cost of traditional cigarettes is $6 and more per pack. That price continues to increase as states tack on additional charges in an effort to generate more income for already taxed budgets. A Electronic Cigarette flavor cartridges last for approximately two weeks, depending upon the smoking habits of the individual, for significant savings.

No offensive odors or residue

Since no tobacco is involved in E cigarettes, there are no offensive odors to invade clothing, furnishings or vehicle interiors. Smoke from traditional cigarettes leaves a residue that permeates cloth and discolors walls and ceilings, requiring the services of expensive professional cleaners to remove. E Cigarettes leave no nicotine deposits to clean. Users experience no bad breathe or yellowing of the teeth with A Electronic Cigarettes.

Environmentally friendly

To Buy A Electronic Cigarette means smoking the clean, modern way, with no ash or cigarette butts to dispose of and no ashtrays to clean. No harmful toxins are released into the air, just water vapor when users exhale.

Smoke anywhere

Smokers can use A Electronic Cigarettes in a wide variety of venues where smoking has been banned. Many trendy clubs, luxurious accommodations, and fine dining establishments allow the use of E Cigarettes, along with cruise ships and airlines.

The free trial offer of the exclusive Buy A Electronic Cigarette provides smokers with a risk-free way of experiencing the benefits of A Electronic Cigarettes for themselves. Buy A Electronic Cigarette is a leading provider of quality vaping supplies, allowing smokers to engage in a social activity of their choice without censure. Smoking traditional cigarettes isn’t as fashionable as it was in the 1930s, but smokers can continue to enjoy all the sensations of smoking with Buy A Electronic Cigarette.

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